March 27, 2020
Dr. Richard Walker

For the next several weeks, we will continue to join together as a church for worship through our live-stream broadcast over YouTube, Facebook, and the HRBC website.  I appreciate the positive feedback we are getting about our live-stream.  I also appreciate the many prayers that are being lifted up for our church during this very trying time, and the prayers being offered for the HRBC leadership as we try our best to continue to minister to our fellowship and to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

At this point, we are not sure when we will be allowed to meet together on church property.  We have to wait on updated guidelines to come from the CDC, President Trump and his team, Gov. Kemp, the mayor of Smyrna, and Cobb County health officials.  We received a letter by email this week from the Cobb and Douglas County Health offices.  The letter was a directive that there is a limit on public meetings (including churches) to no more than 10 persons until March 31, and to no more than 50 persons for six weeks after that, which would extend to the middle of May.  Following those guidelines would prevent us from having worship services in our sanctuary that are open to the public until that time.  However, these guidelines and restrictions may change,  so I am watching closely to see if these restrictions will be altered in any way in the days and weeks ahead.

In keeping with the pleas of health officials and political leadership, I recommend strongly that our seniors and others with respiratory problems or other serious health issues simply stay at home.  This is the best way to stay away from anyone who may expose you to COVID-19.  Getting out is simply not worth the risk.  If you need groceries or medicines and you do not have family who can help, please call the church office.  I will make this recommendation and offer even if a relaxing of restrictions is announced by government officials in the days or weeks ahead.  The danger of contacting COVID-19 will exist for many more weeks, and may exist for many more months to come.

During this time we need to be in constant prayer for and in regular contact with one another by phone, text, or email.  We also need to pray for those who have contracted the virus, for patients who must stay in the hospital without visitors (even immediate family), for the medical personnel in our county, state, and across the nation who are in harms way every day, for government officials who are being forced to make very tough decisions, and for our nation’s economy, which has taken a big hit in recent weeks.