As a church, our mission is to Follow Christ’s Command to Make Maturing, Active Disciples.  Discipleship ‘N Action (DNA) Groups are small groups focused on God’s Word shaping our lives, God’s Word in prayer, and obedience-based accountability.  To join a DNA group, contact us at


Q: What is my time commitment if I participate in DNA?

A: You are committing to one meeting every week, or every other week, depending on the group, for one year outside of the normal church time.  You are also committing to participate in the Mission/Ministry Event planned by the DNA Group at a time determined by the DNA Group.

Q: When and where will my DNA Group meet?

A: The day, time, and location of your meeting will be determined by your DNA Group.  You may want to meet in one member’s house, at a restaurant, or here at the church.

Q: What can I expect to happen in a DNA Group Meeting?


A: We will be studying a discipleship path called The Journey developed by LifeWay.  There is a lesson for each week that comes with Scripture reading and response.  The following is a sample meeting agenda:

  • Lesson Review (30 min)
  • Response to Scripture Reading for the Week (30 min)
  • Accountability/Prayer Time (15 min)
  • Group Business (15 min)

Q: If I want to be a Leader, what are the requirements?

A: The following is the minimum required of a leader:

  • Attend DNA Training
  • Willing to participate in one-on-one evangelism
  • Willing to multiply your group
  • Lead your group to Mission/Ministry events outside of church activities
  • Willing to act as an alter counselor as the need arrives
  • Leaders will meet with Pastor Mike on Sunday afternoons at 4:30