Who We Are

Hurt Road Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Georgia Baptist Convention and the Noonday Baptist Association. HRBC, as are all Baptist churches, is autonomous. The Church only answers to God. The Church cooperates with the agencies of the organizations to which it belongs, for the purpose of evangelism and missions, locally and worldwide.


At Hurt Road Baptist Church, we are conservative in doctrine. We believe…

  • in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, who is the only uniquely begotten Son of God
  • in the death of Jesus as the only atonement for sin
  • in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead
  • in the trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  • in the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God


Hurt Road Baptist Church: 2017-2018 Vision

Vision for HRBC (click to listen)

  1. Culturally speaking, the Church is moving from a mass-driven model to an individual-focused model
    • The positive is that this is a disciple-making model and results in multiplication of the church rather than addition.
    • One negative is that this method is a more deliberate method that initially looks as if it is not working, because the initial growth is small, but exponentially it far outnumbers the addition method
  2. We need to focus our efforts on church growth methods that are not money dependent.
    • DNA falls within the parameters of this type of church growth.  Because of this, more emphasis will be placed on this vital ministry in the life of our church.
    • Upwards is another opportunity that requires very little money, but seems to provide positive returns in reaching the community.  (Connecting seems to be a need in this ministry though).
  3. Most measure success in numerical growth only, but if the focus is on spiritual growth and not numerical growth then any numerical growth is a bonus and is often the result.  (DNA’s focus is first spiritual, then numerical).
  4. The cheapest and most effective means to grow a church is evangelism.  Low cost and high productivity.

Short Term Vision

  1. Focus on positive growth opportunities and where we seem to be excelling.
    • DNA
    • Upward (need Leader for 2017-2018)
    • Awana (need Leader for 2017-2018)
    • VBS
  2. Drop activities that seem to be struggling.
  3. Add some activities to be intentional in reaching community.
  4. Encourage all members to connect somewhere to create more long term participation (especially DNA).
  5. Focus on initial investments for long term returns: Community Outreach (investment of time and primary focus), Building and Grounds Upkeep, Maintenance, and Improvement (investment of money).
    • Outreach emphasis every other month (Saturday morning prayer walks, and Sunday evening door-to-door).
    • Begin a campaign to repave our lot and give our church an exterior/interior face-lift.

Long Term Vision

  1. Continued emphasis on multiplication, not addition.
  2. Encourage each member to reach one individual in the next calendar year.
  3. Focus on one evangelism method and encourage memorization of Scripture in support of this method.